At your own risk! This Syrian restaurant changes your view on food. Now with catering in Malmö!

Shamiat is a Syrian restaurant in Malmö with innovative interpretations of centuries-old recipes from Syria. Connoisseurs of Syrian food culture far beyond Sweden's borders acclaim the restaurant. At Bergsgatan 5 you also find Shamiat Fastfood, if you are craving Shawarma or other fast food.

Have you visited a Syrian or Lebanese Restaurant before, you can recognize some of the dishes on the menu, but we have to warn you. Shamiat's menu will lift your expectations of Syrian and Lebanese food high above what a traditional Arabic restaurant in Malmö can offer you. In addition, the food is very affordable. There is a risk that after a visit you get a completely different idea of what good food with the roots in the Middle East means. Perhaps your taste buds force you to become a regular customer.

Click on the restaurant menu and we will explain why.
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